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Tune in for a new episode every Tuesday to hear our honest conversations about topics like wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality & self-development. IT’S REAL, IT’S RAW, AND IT’S UNFILTERED. Inspired by our transition from our twenties to our thirties, we realized it’s so much more than that. Our mission is to provide you with the tools & motivation you need to propel your personal growth and to navigate any transition in your life.
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Almost 30 | Real Talks On Health, Wellness, Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, Sexuality, Humor, + so much more




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Feb 28, 2017

Got beyond the realms of realness this week with LA Fitness superstar DANIELLE PASCENTE. She's honest, funny, extremely open about her personal and professional journey, and down to talk about anything. Basically, this episode is MONEY.

Not only did she swim, do gymnastics, and run track and field growing up, Danielle went to college on a scholarship for Division I Cheerleading. #SUPERHUMAN. Coming up on her ninth year in the City of Angels, she's become an unstoppable fitness guru who's not afraid to do her own thing. That being said, let's get into her journey and what went down this week ...

-how she started her professional fitness journey, including gaining the freshman 20 in college, drinking all the alcohol, being in a toxic relationship that spills over into other relationships

-what she would say to EARLY 20'S DANIELLE

-learning from and listening to your instincts in long distance relationships

-why you should UNFOLLOW social media accounts WHO INSPIRE YOU if you want to stay focused on yourself and not get in your head

-sacrificing Instagram followers for HONESTY

-how to make a healthy lifestyle with Danielle's KICK ASS TRAINING GUIDE - EVERYWHERE!

-a few of her FOOD RITUALS that keep her energized and feeling good


Let's just say, Danielle isn't a regular trainer, she's a cool trainer. So listen to the episode and get to know her!

Feb 21, 2017

LA entrepreneur/designer of TUC + WES, DIY extraordinaire, mother, and TV host, ORLY SHANI chats with the gals about exactly what you're thinking: HOW DOES SHE DO IT ALL?!?! 

Turns out, Lindsey and Orly go way way back to their NYC bartending days, before Orly went on to make a kick-ass career for herself, get married, and become a mother. #SAME

So what are the deets from this episode?

-being traditional & following social norms is not always going to work for you

-degrees are BULL if you don't have passion

-taking it till you make it

-Orly's experiences/expectations/failures in her early 20's

-how being on NBC's reality fashion competition, "Fashion Star", led to her career as a host on E! 

-the REAL art of DIY

-are your friend's INSTA followers fake or real? Orly will tell ya!

TUC+WES Giveaway on the INSTA (@almost30podcast) this week too! Keeps your eyes open for it friends!

Feb 14, 2017

What better thing to learn about on Valentine's Day than HORMONES?!


Hormone Health Educator, Candace Burch, shares her 30+ years of knowledge on women's health and hormone balancing this week with Lindsey and Krista. SO TAKE OUT YOUR NOTEBOOKS PEOPLE.


For those of you who are wondering about the importance of hormones and why you should be in tune with yours, WE GOT YOU. Feeling tired and fatigued? Moody or stressed? Candace spills the beans on:


  • Synthetic VS Natural (bioIdentical) hormones
  • Testing your hormones IS A MUST
  • Why your belly fat just won't budge
  • The battle between Progesterone and Estrogen
  • Sorry Mom, but you could be driving my hormones CRAZY
  • Which birth control is best? NONE.
  • Food & Vitamins you should be consuming to help


So much information is covered in this episode, so please check out the links in the "Show Notes" on our website !

Feb 7, 2017

The holidays are OVER. And of course, we need to talk about them.

So, this week, Krista and Lindsey discuss the outcomes of their holiday ventures. We’re talking the good, the bad, and the ugly: everything from family, revisiting bad habits, spending Christmas alone, and creating new traditions as a result. 


Did anyone take a cool vaca? Do something by yourself and actually enjoy your own company? Or did y’all visit the old fam' bam and get asked ALL the questions about life and work and relationships? It's okay, we did too.


Krista and Lindsey also bring in a STELLAR caller, Nicole from Boston, who get's real and to the point right away (she get's it). During the call, we get deep and down-to-earth about

  • 2016 was a year of change, but 2017 is the year you make shit happen
  • doing you & not worrying about what other people think
  • surviving & getting out of the "in-between"
  • our SOULCYCLE JOURNEYS! #tapitback #findyoursoulbaby
  • plus and minuses of moving across the country
  • going with your gut & letting your instincts pull you where they will


This week, the girls will help you honor the changes in your life so you can continue to do what you love and love what you do.