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Tune in for a new episode every Tuesday and Thursday to hear our honest conversations about topics like wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality & self-development. IT’S REAL, IT’S RAW AND IT’S UNFILTERED. Inspired by our transition from our twenties to our thirties we realized it’s so much more than that. Almost 30’s mission is to provide you with the tools & motivation you need to propel your personal growth and to navigate any transition in your life. We are an online and offline space where listeners can gather, relate and connect to one another in our beautiful and global community.
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Oct 31, 2017

It's that time of year again ALMOST30NATION. Booze, cookies, candy, holiday craziness in general ... the temptations ARE REAL. That's why we brought in JESSICA SUCHAN, LA Holistic Nutritionist + Health Coach, to save us (and our booty's) from falling off the wagon this holiday season. Not only is this episode going to help navigate you through the next few months, but Jess (of Body Bliss by Jess) is all about navigating you through your food journey, emotionally, physically, spiritually, scientifically, etc. AKA you're gonna need a notebook. Maybe two.

If you remember one of our OG Guests, Hormone Queen + Expert, Candace Burch, is actually the mother of Miss Jessica Suchan. Body Bliss Coaching definitely runs in their fam bam. But Jess had a long and unique story on her road to being a health coach. Because her family was health-oriented from the get-go (we're talking buying almond milk before anyone even knew that existed), it was engraved in her brain being active and eating well. It wasn't until high school when she quit sports and continued to eat the junk food she had been consuming for years, that she started going down an unhealthy path with food. In order to loose weight, she restricted herself, binging on the weekends, saving up to buy "the ab belt", and weight loss pills. When Jess got to college, everything just escalated.

Her story continues with ...

  • Jess's first job out of college as a nutrition coach for an extremely restricting weight loss company, while she was still dealing with her own demons
  • LOSING + GAINING 40 POUNDS several different times
  • being surrounded by a family that was 100% dedicated to a restricting diet
  • how RESENTMENT was a key part of her battle with food
  • the word "DIET" versus "LIFESTYLE"
  • moving to LA with a "Devil Wears Prada" boss, triggering her former habits, feeling sick and exhausted all of the time
  • how her stressful + unhealthy lifestyle in LA caused constant migraines + how a program for ending migraines saved her life
  • her 3AM OPIPHANY for becoming a HEALTH COACH + quitting her crazy media job
  • "90% of diets fail" - because it's a "quick fix"
  • how EVERYTHING - food, relationships, home life, jobs, self-care - is a piece of the puzzle to create a healthy life
  • "SUGAR COATING YOUR LIFE" - the biological addicting power of sugar
  • what happens when you DON'T eat sugar?
  • THE COMPARISON GAME - it's twisted, it's nasty, and it's not okay
Oct 24, 2017

This week we're givin' off some HIGH VIBES, talking all things CRYSTALS, and much much more with the founders and CEO's of Energy Muse, HEATHER ASKINOSIE + TIMMI JANDRO! Long story short, Heather and Timmi have been friends for nearly 45 years, living lives of adventure, spirituality, and self-exploration and healing. While Heather was the queen of holistic energy experiments in her home in Manhattan beach for many years, Timmi worked in the garment industry for just as long. And with that combination, Energy Muse was born - celebrating the use of crystals for living your best, most magical life!

Back to the show though, for those of you who don't know anything about crystals and need that CRYSTALS 101 lesson, this episode is for you. We start off with a CRYSTAL STONE READING (oooo la fricken la), to reveal what's going on in our lives and find more clarity. And from there we explore ...

  • their stories growing up together, their former careers, and jumping into adulthood
  • first starting their business - making necklaces, performing energy experiments, and doing their low-key crystal deals
  • the evolution of Heather and Timmi's business partnership and trusting relationship
  • when they were trailblazers in the new and fragile crystal industry + the stigma that came with that
  • the energy of the earth + how it got a bad rap
  • how crystals and stones are TOOLS for life - for ritual purposes, gaining composure, touch, feeling comforted, and reminding yourself the value of the Earth
  • what Heather + Timmi have to say to the SKEPTICS
  • our unique ways of realigning ourselves
  • what it was like writing their new book "Crystal Muse" - and how therapeutic and hard the process was
  • showing up for yourself for 11 minutes a day, a ritual, a practice, anything, and if you can't do that, how can you commit to anything else
  • “Do something consistently for yourself for 11 days, or even 40 days, for 11 minutes a day, you’re going to learn more about yourself in that time frame than you can in years of therapy.”

  • Timmi + Heather on how crystals and self-energy work is more than about just you, but it's about being a COLLECTIVE WORLD

  • the power of that recent ECLIPSE in August and what's happened to the Earth since then

  • and LINDSEY'S ACCURATE and MOVING READING from Heather - it's going to BLOW YOUR MIND

Oct 17, 2017

Originally from Ecuador, our talented guest this week, Diego Perez, actually goes by another name - YUNG PUEBLO! This past year he blew up on Instagram under the pen name @yungpueblo sharing poems, love notes to the universe, and everyday, simple mantras by which to live your life. Not only is he a writer, but a student and expert practicer of Vipassana mediation and speaker. Through his work, he hopes to support the healing of the individual, knowing that when people release their personal burdens it helps humanity build a global peace. MIC DROP. Or more like PEN DROP ...


  • Why "Yung Pueblo"? Diego talks about his Ecuador roots and the true meaning of his people, origins, and name
  • the inspiration for his words, which come from SIMPLE HUMAN LESSONS we learn growing up
  • Fun Fact: Diego mediates for not one but TWO HOURS a day - DAMN, teach us your ways!
  • how his words and his creativity grows through mediation
  • his Catholic upbringing & how he was a big "doubter" - not feeling complete in his spiritual practice
  • his fascination and focus on LIBERATION and FREEDOM
  • what its like to go on a 10 DAY MEDITATION & how much sh*t presented itself to Diego when he embarked on it & how it WORKS
  • Diego's upbringing, his drug + party filled college and post grad experience
  • drugs, alcohol, and how it AFFECTS YOUR RELATIONSHIPS
  • how taking hallucinogenic drugs (LSD, etc.) affect YOU, your THOUGHTS, and the way you LEARN
  • being PRESENT, whether it means you are sober or not
  • the power of MEDITATING instead of doing drugs AKA the mind calming and the mind stressing
  • the idea of ONENESS VERSUS NOTHINGNESS, that there's not one answer to everything
  • how the chaos in our lives are VITAL to understanding your inner self and peace
  • how INNER PEACE contributes to GLOBAL peace and collective consciousness
  • the POWER of SOCIAL MEDIA and lying to yourself
Oct 10, 2017

With everything going on in the world, good & bad, it's about time we have another MYSTICAL MAMA on the show to work with our energy. The fiery and foxy ALEXANDRA ROXO (side note: what a fabulous name) is one of LA's best ENERGY and TRANSFORMATIONAL workers, seeking all things mystical and magic. She's also an actress and director, working with names like Spike Jonze, Clive Owen, and Steven Soderbergh. Needless to say, she's a bundle of creative light that we all need right here, right now (Not to mention, she's speaking at our Sex, Love, & Other Things event).

With a Catholic father from a Brazil and a New Age-y mother from Georgia, Alexandra began immersing herself in a spiritual lifestyle from the early age of 12. From angels, spirits, ghosts, and auras, she was constantly surrounded by religion and the curiosity of other-worldlyness, with the help of her guide Bobby. When she got to college at New York University, she took it to the next level and dived into studying meditation in Italy, living a healthy lifestyle, and studying Eastern Religion Traditions. However, when she discovered Moon Rituals from one of her professors at NYU, she realized that kind of feminism was missing from all of the other practices. And she found her calling as a healer and energy worker.

From there, we went into ...

  • PLANT MEDICINE - in particular, AYAHUASCA - what is it? why should you use? what does it do? where do people use it in the world? what is it like?

  • how Ayahuasca HELPED Alexandra FORGIVE HERSELF, about everything from body image, doing good, and letting go of guilt and shame

  • "Hey girl you either do good stuff on this planet, like everything you say has to be for the good of all, or don't say a word." - Alexandra on what she realized during her use of Ayahuasca

  • "All of that is useful to heal and to work through things that are causing barriers between you and your best self. It's not just for play but if you really want to break through to the other side, it's self-awareness, self-consciousness issues, body image issues, issues with your parents, all of those things can really help you." - Alexandra on practicing plant medicine

  • we touch on ALIENS and fairies too (hehe)

  • her WRITING about sex, medicine, wellness, and spirituality on The Numinous, Mind Body Green, and

  • her badass, raw, and real MENTORSHIP PROGRAM - intuitively bringing women into their emotional bodies and connecting with every part of your body

  • MOON CLUB - her group mentorship program based on the Moon's Rituals, making yourself your own healer, and sharing stories in a safe/open community

  • how to find a SPACE OF SURRENDER (not involving tequila)

  • "One thing is that a lot of spiritual practices are actually masculine-centric in the sense that they come from a place of structure and rigidity. Our whole lives are so structured, I mean we have fricken Google Calendar and all of this stuff going on all day. What I find missing from women's lives is a space of surrender." - Alexandra on surrendering

  • the difference between being SLUTTY and SEXUALITY

  • how WOMEN TRIGGER EACH OTHER - especially with men and beauty


Oct 3, 2017

This week we are not holding back from getting deep, deep, deep and neither is our angel of a guest SOPHIE JAFFE! If you're in the mood to talk relationships, trusting your instincts, carving your own path, and figuring our your life "philosophies", then this episode is going to change your week (month, or year honestly). For those of you who aren't familiar with the spiritual spearhead that is Miss Sophie Jaffe, she's a Southern Californian, certified raw food chef and yoga teacher, health and wellness expert, and founder of the raw food brand Philosophie! She's also a mother of two beautiful boys, and a wife, making family and relationships a HUGE part of our discussion with her. One thing that people don't realize about Sophie, is that she started making huge, extremely independent life choices at a very young age compared to most people, whether she knew it or not. She started a business, had a publicist, worked religiously when other people were in school, and fell into a serious relationship, with a lot of loose ends. She's FULL of life lessons and Almost 30 wisdom.

That being said, here's what she shared with us:

  • her liberal, optimistic, and CAN-DO UPBRINGING, with parents that encouraged her to trust her instincts and do what she wants
  • the rough, but CRAZY INTERESTING BEGINNINGS of her health and wellness career at 19 years old
  • working and COOKING for A-list celebs like George Clooney + Gerard Butler
  • being entrepreneurial/starting a business at a VERY YOUNG AGE
  • getting a serious relationship, very fast
  • the TRUE DEPTHS of falling in love - sex, lies, identity & THE WORK IT TAKES TO MAINTAIN IT
  • the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY of marriage, children, and making love last
  • dealing with and PROCESSING your emotions in some of the darkest times of your life and HOW TO TURN IT INTO A POSITIVE LIGHT
  • filtering out your SOCIAL NET(WORK)
  • sharing the current events of the world with your kids