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Almost 30 | Real Talks On Health, Wellness, Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, Sexuality, Humor, + so much more




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Feb 27, 2018

You all have been asking for her, and now she’s here: Alisa Vitti, the author of WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source + Founder of FLO Living!!


We see too many women settle for feeling just okay every single day, and it’s impacting every part of their lives – but we don’t have to settle. Alisa has revolutionized the way women view their health and sync their cycle so that we can feel un-be-lievable every single day of the month, whether you’re out with friends, working out, or spending some much-needed time with yourself. We chat about...


  • How Alisa took her health into her own hands to heal Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Nutritional changes you can make today to improve your health
  • How to manage your cycle naturally
  • All about birth control + how you can go off of it naturally
  • Exercise + eating tips that will help you feel more in tune with your cycle
  • How you can bring your partner into the conversation + make them more aware of your cycle
  • What you can do with the MyFLO app


Come join Krista, Lindsey, and Katie Dalebout (from the Let it Out Podcast) for a Journaling + Manifestation Workshop!





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Feb 22, 2018

Today’s episode is a recording of the live Breathwork and Meditation event we recently held at the Lululemon in Brentwood (thank you Lulu fam!). We recommend that you listen in a place where you are able to practice the meditation and breathwork along with us.  You will will experience sensations in the body that would not be best felt in a car!


We kick off the session with an opening meditation by Jenna Reiss, an Intuitive Healer, Writer, and Breathwork Meditation Coach. Using a two-part active breathing technique, intuitive guidance, and life coaching tactics, Jenna helps us break free from old patterns and improve our everyday perspective.  Krista and Lindsey lead a Q + A with Jenna, who opens up about why meditation saved her life.


We then move from the spiritual to the scientific! Dr. Ryan Greene, an Osteopathic Physician specializing in human performance + recovery, unwraps the science behind breathwork and explains why these exercises are so beneficial, both psychologically and physiologically.  Dr. Greene also serves as principal medical advisor at Monarch Athletic Club in West Hollywood, the first private, sustainable health and wellness facility delivering traditional training services combined with physician directed, evidence-based integrative medical intervention.  Our audience was eager to learn how they could be training and recovering smarter.


You will discover...


  • How Breathwork Meditation makes you feel more like YOU
  • Why meditation doesn’t have to be so serious
  • What the 4-7-8 breathing technique is
  • How integrative medicine incorporates physical activity and mindfulness
  • Why breathwork could reduce your medical bills every year
  • How to achieve peak performance using breathwork + mindfulness


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Feb 20, 2018

Some people start businesses – Kerrilynn Pamer + Cindy DiPrima Morisse, Co-Founders of CAP Beauty, started a movement.  They believe in high vibrational beauty, inspired by a simple philosophy: “Beauty is Wellness. Wellness is Beauty.” These two are master curators and are committed to defining the Why in what they do. They are so clear about their mission at CAP Beauty (which we discuss), and consistently revisit that “North Star”. At their stores and online, these natural beauty powerhouses and best friends are sharing the products, practices, and knowledge that create true radiance – and we could not be more inspired by their mission. We chat about...


  • Being friends in business
  • Creating a sense of community throughout CAP Beauty
  • Getting into the holistic wellness lifestyle + sharing it with the people they care about
  • How today’s children are evolving
  • The power of plants
  • Making CAP Beauty accessible
  • Why Kerrilynn + Cindy don’t view other natural beauty brands as competitors
  • Products that Kerrilynn + Cindy swear by
  • The half-cookbook, half-ritual book that these girls just finished writing: High Vibrational Beauty: Recipes and Rituals for Radical Self-Care (releasing April 3, 2018)


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Feb 15, 2018

We’re winding down the weekwith part 2 of our conversation with John Wineland, a relationship coach who leads men + women to learn, practice, and master the capacity to experience depth and intimacy that is compassionate, understanding, exciting, and truthful.


We chat about...


  • Communicating what you want so that everyone feels empowered by sex
  • When you should have sex with a potential partner (and what waiting does in our brains)
  • How your frequency you put out attracts different types of people
  • Swiping left + right
  • The secret formula for captivating men
  • The patterns in our relationships that stunt our intimacy
  • Going on a feminine cleanse
  • Navigating unfaithfulness
  • Why we get ghosted
  • #MeToo + the current state of affairs


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Feb 13, 2018

Valentine’s Day is what it is for you this year!  Whether you are single or in a relationship, we want you to celebrate your current state of affairs!!!  There is purpose and growth living there, so trust that.


We’re celebrating with a double dose of John Wineland, a relationship coach, speaker, and teacher who leads men + women in the practices of embodied masculine leadership, spiritual intimacy, and sexual polarity.  There is a palpable integrity in John’s work--his vulnerability in exploring these questions and challenges himself make his coaching and teaching style so unique and captivating,  He is here to debunk the myth that connection and intimacy just happens.  While he outlines the specific work that needs to be done, he assures us that the process will unlock an incredible realm of possibility in your intimate relationships.


We listened to this episode a few times.  One solo, one with friends, and some of us with our partners.  Notepads out fam!  We all have something to learn here!  John discusses:


  • The masculine + feminine in all of us
  • Managing every type of relationship (not just romantic ones)
  • Why certain patterns keep coming up in our relationships
  • Why we choose who we choose
  • Metabolizing the energy that your partner puts out
  • What we are taught about intimacy and why we are unable to maintain it
  • Consciousness in a relationship
  • Infidelity/Coping with infidelity


If you’re listening to this on February 13th, 2018 + you’re near Santa Monica, come say hello at our event!


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Feb 6, 2018

Morra Aarons-Mele joins Krista and Lindsey this week for an impactful conversation. She is the author of Hiding in the Bathroom and the Founder of award-winning social impact agency Women Online and its database of women influencers, The Mission List.


We’ve talked to a lot of you about the struggle of being an introvert with big plans. You want to get out there and pursue your dreams, but you also want to stay true to who you are… and it’s a constant battle!! Morra spent years fighting this battle, but now she’s figured out how to wield introversion as a tool that makes her even more successful. We chat about...


  • Helping women thrive in this digital age
  • Morra’s problem with mentorship
  • Finding a strong niche + following your passion
  • The secret to good digital marketing
  • Why you don’t necessarily have to worry about building a personal brand online
  • Business building hacks for introverts
  • Why Morra dedicated her life to social good around women
  • The world post-2017 election
  • How women can ask for what they deserve in the workplace
  • Work-life balance VS work-life fit
  • What it was like working with the Obama administration
  • Morra’s self-care rituals


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