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Welcome to Almost 30 — a supportive space to fuel your conscious evolution. Join us, LA-based best friends Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik, for heart-centered, hilarious conversations and real, raw, impactful interviews with brilliant guests. We dive deep into topics like modern spirituality to health and wellness, aliens to entrepreneurship, social justice, and self development.  With every episode, our mission is to empower you, expand what you think is possible and,  make you laugh - a lot. We are honest, open, and above all, human. We are committed to learning right alongside you in real time so we can all find growth in every moment together.  With millions of listeners around the world, Almost 30 has grown from a pioneering leader in the podcast space to a highly engaged global community. #Almost30Nation is full of purposeful dreamers who are curious, passionate, and constantly seeking growth in every aspect of our lives.  Join us for new episodes every Tuesday + Thursday!
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Dec 27, 2016

THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN.  Well, they never left, but the girls bribed them with goldfish crackers and beer to come back and hang.  ZACH JOHNSON (eligible bach, funny AF, kind, former Mormon) and JUSTIN HALL (he belongs to Krista so don't freakin' ask!...jk he's amazing) join the girls this week for a hilarious round of "Would You Rather"...Topics include:


-Whipped cream bikinis

-Dating profile pics

-Buying a house before marriage

-Ordering kiddie meals as an adult

-Baby talk during sex

-BOYS, what's your type?


Before they get into all of that, the gang connects with a listener from Denver!  She is talking to TWO GUYS from a dating app.  The guys and gals weigh in on this interesting predicament.  The situation is a LIIIITTTLE complicated.  The boys are so helpful in decoding the body language and textual exchanges.  DON'T MISS THIS ONE.

Dec 20, 2016

The girls wanted to gift you all a HOLIDAY EPISODE!  They're also sending homemade granola in the mail, carried by a snail wearing a Santa hat, be on the lookout.  When it comes to making the most of family time, chic, unique holiday decor, mindful nutrition, and inspired,flexible fitness tips, Lindsey, Krista, and their three experts have you covered.

Krista and Lindsey discuss how to let go of expectations when you go home to family and/or friends so that you can truly value your time together.  Sometimes seeing family and friends can give you a bit of an emotional hangover.  As the girls approach 30, they are noticing that they are embracing WHAT IS...that they are LOVING who everyone is choosing to be.  There has been a shift, they discuss.   

First, the girls chat with one of New York City's most sought after interior designers, Matthew Cane of Matthew Cane Designs about holiday interior inspiration.  WE'RE ALMOST 30, HELP US ADULT.  WHAT'S A NAPKIN RING!?  Matthew's approach is modern, chic, easily implemented, personal, and fun!  After all, this is YOUR space, don't limit yourself to Homegoods Nutcrackers and sparkle snow!  His tips are not to be missed.

Cameron Simcik is a Holistic Nutrition coach based on the east coast and is sharing amazing tips to help us come out the other side of this holiday eating fest filled with more caramel popcorn tins than we can fit in our cars.  The girls are curious about how stress affects our eating habits.  Cameron dishes some mega helpful tips on how to combat stress and feel energized in the wake of indulging in Mom's Holiday Log.  Cameron is passionate about treating people from the inside out, you'll love her ideas.  

Finally, the girls welcome Danielle Pascente to the show.  Danielle is an established LA based personal trainer, fitness model, and she was recently named as a trending fitness star by Shape Magazine in 2016!  How the heck do you go home and stay active when friends/family are sh*tting on your morning runs!?  Danielle shares her secrets to staying fit AF during the holidays no matter where you are!  

This episode feels like a survival guide.  Maybe it is.  Just remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  The girls are too busy eating liquid Nutella to even write their own show notes.  But we will all come out the other side....But let's make the choices to set us up for success this year.  YOU IN!?  

Dec 13, 2016

We got STORIES this week.  It's just the gal's (and Sound Guy Steve) this week.  Still no sign of PRESIDENT Donald Trump.  He's playing the part of a 15 year old girl in the new Mean Girls sequel.  At the top of his priorities, the dude is bitching about an SNL skit.  Sorry, what?  They discuss.  Krista recounts her stint as a John Mayer groupie.  Post show hang details.  How high was that Hollister skirt, girl!?      

Their 20's Us/30's Us segment is inspired by the holiday season this week.  Every dread going home for the holidays when you were in your 20's?  The girls get honest about how and why they would wish away time with family.  Krista shares how she made the shift from holiday expectation hangover to being present and loving family and loving current situations for who and what they are.  Also SO 20's us?  Overspending on materialistic bullsh*t during the holidays.  Why the gold, sequin holiday dress, Lindsey?  PUT IT DOWN.  Lindsey also get's a little personal...sharing a mega high and super low that happened in the span of 3 hours, yet left her realizing what she wants to take into her 30's.     


Closing out this episode is a topic to which EVERYONE can relate.  Body image.  The girls discuss a simple, honest prompt from a listener: "How do you deal with body image issues?".  It's not easy...they discuss.  But, man, it's so nice to know you are not alone.  

Dec 9, 2016

In this week's special surprise minisode, Krista and Lindsey share their FAVORITE, can't-freakin-live-without-'em, don't-you-dare-borrow-a-dollop beauty products.  They believe it's an art to curate a collection of high-end and low-end products that really work.  When you are "almost 30", taking care of YOU becomes a very real/necessary/vain practice.  Mud mask made from 300 year old clay and bat droppings guarantees to erase fine lines?  SIGN THEM UP.  From your hair, to your face, to your décolletage...YOUR WHAT!?  ...And to a few areas in between, your gal's have you covered.  OH AND STEVE, THE SOUND GUY, WEIGHS IN.

Dec 6, 2016

The girls have been waiting to share their interview with this special, soulful goddess.  ERICA KMIEC, Marketing Outreach Manager for "Energy Muse", and beauty behind the blog, Soulnotion, joins the girls this week for an intimate chat.  Not too long ago, Erica was stuck in a job she didn't love, feeling uninspired and anxious.  Her soul searching and interest in holistic alternatives for her anxiety led her down an ever-changing, beautifully rewarding spiritual path.  The girls find out how Erica turned her obstacles into opportunities and how her spiritual practice helped to manifest her dream job.  Erica is one of those people who makes you feel heard, seen, and accepted.  She helps the girls to understand why it's important to honor the pace and space in which people are spiritual.  There are a few OH, WOW moments in there, for sure.


CRYSTALS ARE WEIRD, BUT THEY WORK.  It's true.  If you give them an intention, they will work.  THE GIRLS GO DEEP HERE.  If you are curious about crystals, if you think people who use crystals are bat-sh*t crazy, if you want to start incorporating crystals into your daily routine/into your space, if you collected rocks as a kid, if you are drawn to beautiful rocks from the earth, if you are curious.....THIS IS FOR YOU.  The girls share some incredibly true/bizarre/amazing crystal stories.  Erica should be a contestant on Crystal Jeopardy because damn she knows her sh*t.  Lindsey and Krista sit in awe as Erica spits some crystal knowledge for our listeners.  Oh, you're going to die.  Erica is incorporating crystals into her wedding.  The girls being GIRLS, ask ALL ABOUT IT.  And, HEY GUYS...The girls also ask Erica what her fiance thinks about her spirituality/rituals/practices/crystals.  Take note, fellas.  

Nov 30, 2016
In Part 2 of "Almost 30"'s interview with former bach on "The Bachelorette", BROOKS FORESTER, and his rad girlfriend LAUREN YOUNG, the couple gets personal.  Let's just say #couplegoals.  It isn't always easy, but these two are working hard to maintain an honest, loving, supportive relationship in a world that filters the crap out of what's really going on.  This REALNESS is contagious.  You'll find out:   

*How they met

*Why their first goodbye was awkward AF

*How Social affects their relationship and the role it plays in building their careers
*How the heck Lauren deals with all of Brooks' female fans
*What it's like living together
*The question Brooks is asked ALL THE TIME
*The REAL REASON why Brooks left "The Bachelorette"
Visit for extended show notes, and to write in!  Let us know what you think about this episode!
Nov 29, 2016

They could have talked for hours.  The girls peed their pants when they finally nailed down their favorite couple, Brooks Forester and Lauren Young.  They are pretty damn busy loving each other and being awesome human beings.  JUST WAIT until you hear their story....HINT: Lauren was a fan of Brooks on "The Bachelorette" AND they both grew up MORMON.  Krista and Lindsey have a freakin' suitcase full of questions, so they bring you the interview in two parts!  In PART 1 you can expect to find out:

*What it was like filming "The Bachelorette"

*Behind the scenes secrets

*If Nick Vail, the new "Bachelor", is cool or nah

*What it was like growing up Mormon

*What it was like leaving the Mormon church


*Their view on political policies in Utah

Stay tuned for Part 2!  WE'RE GIVIN' YOU ALL FINAL ROSES, OKAY?

Nov 22, 2016
You guys, the girls are still recovering from this one.  This week they have a murder mystery on their hands (how frickin' dramatic is that!?).  But first, Krista and Lindsey share their "HUNDRED/NOT HUNDRED" of the week.  Two weeks post election, and the girls are able to articulate their emotional response to the election outcome.  This is unedited.  STAY WOKE FAM.  CHASE THE DARK WITH BRIGHT LIGHT.  Speaking of bright light...It's an uber driver (again) and a fitness instructor that fill 'em up.  Prepare for a full blown profession of love on air.  And, uh, Lindsey's Uber Driver is friends with a raccoon.  UBER ROCKS.
FINALLY, WHAT WE ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.  A listener calls in with a crazy story, followed by a "what the heck should I do"?  Sorry, can't ruin this one.  Let's just say the girls never thought dating on an app could be so darn KOOKY and LAW & ORDER-esque.  This story is not to be missed.  
Nov 17, 2016
ATTN: All bosses, dreamers, goal-chasers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, millennials and anyone who wants to get paid for doing what they love...
We've got a treat for you.
Today's special BONUS episode is an interview with the amazing CEO and brains behind The Style Collective--an online community that helps lady entrepreneurs and influencers grow their following and reach long term goals.
Annie left her corporate job where she was bullied by her evil manager, and pursued a calling in influencer marketing. 
She created a full blown dream business by listening to the market, responding to it, thinking strategically, and being HERSELF.  She is a loving, smart, creative business woman with a knack for self-made opportunities.
If you want to do your own thing, branch out, create a brand, become a blogger, star a business, this one is FOR YOU.
In this episode we discuss:
  • The challenges that changed her life
  • The end of her corporate career (which involved an emotionally abusive boss who bullied her constantly)
  • How to find your mission, while still working hard at your goals
  • The blog bubble, and helping women become entrepreneurs through their blog
  • How to be successful working from home
  • How you can make money from your blog
  • COMPARISON, what we do about it, who we compare ourselves to, and how it's the true thief of joy
  • What a jar of awesome is, and why you need it
  • Why less planning and more doing is sometimes the key 
Nov 15, 2016

Cleavage, man.  Too much is always enough.  And not enough, always has intention.  In the candid opening of this weeks Almost 30, Krista and Lindsey reflect on their cleavage practices back in the day and how it serves them now.  


It's been way too long since the girls have shared their "20's Us, 30's Us".  Halloween gave Krista some serious inspiration.  Hey ladies, still have that 'slutty inmate' costume in a plastic bin under your bed just in case?  Fella's, admit it, how confused/disturbed were you by girls' attempts at 'sexy grandma'.  Krista reflects on Halloween past and present.  The two are alarmingly/thankfully very different.  Lindsey remembers her late night eating habits in her early 20's...Turkey and Eggo Waffles anyone?  She talks about her current commitment to a more mindful relationship with food. 


This week the girls call a listener from Utah!  UTAH!  Ali's question about the law of attraction develops into a full blown discussion about manifestation, cultivating your tribe, and how you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.  


This episode is like an EVERYTHING BAGEL.  You can't not love something about it.  *double negative, sorry English teachers of past*.

Nov 8, 2016

We'd like to interrupt this week's show notes with a quick disclaimer regarding the first 8 minutes of this episode:  The sound is gently distorted by the sweet aliens that were helping to connect Le sweat in NYC to Almost 30 in LA. Feel free to skip over the part where Lindsey messaged some guy on Instagram because he had beautiful succulents.  THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL, OKAY!?  Around, the 8 minute mark, all is right in the world.  


This week Almost 30 welcomes the ladies behind Le Sweat, a fresh online publication that shakes up the idea of 'working out'.  Charlee Atkins, an uber popular SoulCycle Instructor and fitness model, and Meridith Miller, a lady boss of partnerships at Twitter, are exploring their own idea of "working on working out".  The physical sweat is just the beginning.  The ladies talk 'inner-cising', being alone (not lonely), social media, knowing thyself after the end of a long-term relationship, why everyone should take a friend-moon, their popular articles filed under "Stroke His Ego", and how Charlee and Meredith are already OWNING their 30's.  This one is candid and inspiring.  After you listen, check out!  

Nov 4, 2016

The girls have a very candid conversation about rejection.  Krista shares what it was like auditioning for SoulCycle, what she learned, how she was redirected, and how it helped to pave the path to her successful blog.  Lindsey shares how putting herself in front of rejection more often (auditions, auditions, auditions) creates a healthy non-attachment to the outcome so that her pursuit is always exciting.  They discuss the "something greater" that is at work, the challenge to trust it, and what happens when our preparation meets it.  If you are experiencing rejection in your career, romantic relationships, family life, in the pursuit of your dreams, internally between you and you....YOU WILL RELATE.    

Nov 1, 2016
The topic table is a BUFFET this week.  Krista and Lindsey share their "Hundred, NOT Hundred's".  Lindsey got a haircut, so tell ya friends.  But on a note that is so typical/weird us: Who would have thought that finding out what your moon sign is would open up a whole new world of understanding?  Like, "OH WOW I become two different people when someone calls me on my sh*t" becomes less psycho and more acceptable when you are able to lean on your astrological moon sign.  The girls also celebrate and talk about the importance of cultivating a tribe of people that support and lift you up, that give you permission to be vulnerable and open, and that acknowledge your vision and give it light.  Their NOT HUNDRED's are pretty darn relevant .  Let's just say they talk the circus that is the 2016 election, as well as the moment your "EX" finds a new gf/bf. *GASP*    
FINALLY.  GHOSTING.  What the heck is that?  What qualifies as "ghosting"?  Have we done it?  Have we been ghosted?  What is acceptable?  How does one prevent the ghost?  We get a call from a listener.  She has just experienced a pretty gnarly case of ghostage.  Sound guy, Steve, was apparently just ghosted last week.  We come together as a fam and figure out what the EFF is going on here.
Oct 25, 2016

No bread takes NO SHIT.


Nicole Cogan, CEO, Creator and Visionary behind the brand, website, and amazing recipe library of gluten free amazingness of NO BREAD sits down IRL with the ladies of Almost 30. NO BREAD started out as a diary of the best gluten free recipes at restaurants in NYC and has evolved into a movement, and now partners with brands like Stoli Vodka and Kind Bars. 


In this exciting episode, they discuss:

  • What she does, and how the heck influencers make money nowadays
  • How she started her business and what it took to create a life of flexibility and creativity 
  • Her journey from sickness to health, and the game change of becoming gluten free
  • How she stays motivated and organized as the CEO of her own life and now a mega brand 
  • How she handles rejection (this one was really interesting!) 
  • Social media, and the strategies she leveraged to grow her account to over 100k followers
  • Whats next for NO BREAD

This episode and the conversation around gluten free eating, being your own boss, being creative, creating your tribe and building a business is really thought provoking, and as always REAL.

Oct 18, 2016

 It's just you and the girls this week, so grab some Cheez-Itz and get comfy.  It's time for a little catch up by way of "Hundred, NOT Hundred".  Krista is back from Bali, a place she never thought she would visit in her lifetime.  They talk the trip, and how she got there...ON A HELLO KITTY PLANE.  SWEAR.  Lindsey was picked up by an amazing Uber driver and lifted up by his story and his candy collection.  Their NOT hundred's are juuuust as good.  Finally, a listener has written in asking the girls for their advice on letting go of friends as an adult.  The girls talk redirection, priority shifts, dwindling common interests, and more.  The truth is some friendships take more effort than they are worth.  How do you make more room for those friends that will ride the wave with you no matter what?  Krista and Lindsey share their experiences and discuss.

Oct 14, 2016

#Almost30 is having a mindful morning.  That first hour will set the tone for the rest of your day, so quit half-assing and hating it.  Krista and Lindsey outline their best mornings and explain why the rituals they have incorporated set them up for the BEST DAY EVER.  Why the heck should you drink water first thing in the morning?  Are you carving out a "moment" for yourself?  How quickly do you grab phone after waking up?  Get excited!!  Your morning is about to become your sacred time.

Oct 11, 2016

"Daniela Kende is a board certified Holisitic Health Coach who supports busy professionals who want to lose weight, reveal more radiant skin, and find abundant energy to create the life they've always imagined."   Are you raising your hand and screaming "ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!!"?  The girls nearly fell off of their swivel chairs because they were nodding so hard during this interview.  Daniela believes in peeling back the layers, digging deeper to reveal the real intention behind superficial 'wants'.  Want to lose 20 lbs?  Why?  What would that mean for you?  She talks about actually allowing ourselves to think about what we would IDEALLY feel like each day.  We need permission for that?  YUP.  The girls share their dreams and goals and how aligning with your intention will increase the drive towards that goal.  


How does creating a rule, like "I'm not a morning person", sell yourself short?  Daniela and the girls discuss the limitations and how releasing the rule could change your life.  What are your limiting beliefs...could they be the one thing holding you back from reaching your full potential?    


Grab a pen and paper because Daniela also drops extremely useful tips on skin care, diet, balancing hormones, protein powders, and sugar.  DANIELA KENDE is about to change the way to LIVE.  

Oct 4, 2016

In this episode of Almost 30, Lindsey and Krista interview each other.  You'd think they know everything about one another, but the coolest part of friendship is finding out new sh*t about the other person every time you are together.  You know!?  The girls dig deep and get curious.  Lindsey explains how attending an all-girls, private, Catholic school shaped who she is today, Krista gives us her vision of where she will be in ten years, and SO much more.  It's still the beginning here at Almost 30, so the girls thought it was important you get to know them a little better.

Sep 27, 2016

The girls could be driving a Nissan Sentra (uh, one of them does) or a G-wagon, but if there is a sun roof, they feel like BALLERS no matter what.  Ya feel that?  It's the little things...and a few profound things in this weeks "Hundred, NOT Hundred".  It is always a treat, when they can share "Sh*t that Stuck".  Their revelations this week brought up that presence is your power and self awareness can be paralyzing at times, but such a gift if nurtured.  A question from a listener stirs a discussion about separating from an ex's family after a break-up.  How do you do it?  Do you keep in touch?  Is it right? Is it dead wrong?  Why do we want to keep in touch?  All of this and MUCH MORE in this weeks episode of "Almost 30!"

Sep 23, 2016

Too often we walk away from a break-up or a passionate fling feeling angry, frustrated, hopeless, lead-on, or just plain PISSED. BUT HEY, he/she entered your life for a reason, and made an exit FOR A REASON. In this minisode, Krista and Lindsey give us advice on how to learn from and then move on from those that we loved or lusted after. It's not easy, but it's worth the shift.  

Sep 20, 2016

Whether you're a guy or a girl, you've felt it.  THE PRESSURE.  Some girls equate happiness with marriage and kids.  At a certain age the thirst is REAL and pretty overwhelming for both parties involved.  Krista and Lindsey connect with a male listener, who wonders why that is and what makes other girls refuse to settle down.  His insight is ON POINT, and together, the three get personal and get to the bottom of the issue.  


BUT FIRST, the girls share their weekly "Hundred, NOT Hundred's" and "20's Us, 30's Us".  Have you ever asked for a beautiful tech-nerd baby angel from heaven...and gotten one? Or, have you sent nudes to your boyfriend and not received a reply?  Anyone cake their face with make-up in their 20's? Or do you wonder whether you and your partner will agree on what to feed your kids?  There is a RANGE this week...WOW.  ALMOST 30 IS HAVING RANGE, OKAY?!  Listen on, friends!

Sep 16, 2016

In Almost 30's first minisode, Krista and Lindsey talk FITNESS CLASS ETIQUETTE. The girls skip deodorant talk and serve up some deep do's and dont's.  These tips will help you set the vibe in the room and the tone for the rest of your day.  What a waste of time to dread your workout.  The girls want you to have fun, feel sexy, and fill it with intention.  Tune in for 8 minutes, your sweaty sanctuary awaits.

Sep 13, 2016

In Episode 5 of Almost 30, Lindsey and Krista begin by celebrating no longer stuffing their bra's and recounting a meet-up with a high school crush 12 years later. They highly suggest the latter. In one of their favorite segments, "20's Us, 30's Us", the girls lay it all out there--from chronic car accidents to over-giving, to their slowing metabolism to wanting to know more about their finances. Knowledge is power, right?! Their question of the week comes from "Courtney", As Courtney approaches 30, she finds herself getting in deep when it comes to relationships--moving in together,  purchasing pets, and cooking for one another. Sounds successfully adult. But what happens when it doesn't work out? Could be an UGLY mess.

Sep 6, 2016

In Episode 4, Krista and Lindsey jump right in to their 100 and Not 100 of the week, admitting that a boring Vegas night is actually freakin' cool, sharing how crystals have healed them, and having an honest convo about how family drama has a freakish power of affecting them 3,000 miles away.  

Man, it feels good to grow. In one of their favorite segments, the girls share what stuck with them this week. Ya know those people who urk you?  Those energy vampires? Yeah, they are there to TEACH YOU A LESSON.  BA-LIEVE DAT.  And they discover how getting quiet could be the key to receiving the loudest messages.

The question of the week comes from our listener "Lauren" who is dealing with a "friend with benefits" who is acting like a gosh darn BOYFRIEND. POOR THANG, right? Well, he doesn't want to be her boyfriend. SAY WHAT? We're confused. So is she.  We discuss.

Aug 27, 2016

The best interviews should make you cry happy tears, right?

Our first interview to share with you, is with the amazing, lovely and talented Jen Glantz.

A lady who made her name by posting an ad on Craigslist to be a professional bridesmaid.

Yes, you heard it right.

A sneak into her story:





Listen and let us know your thoughts! We'd love to hear what you think about some of the truth bombs that Jen drops on us during this one.

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